The UCSF Alumni Association Multicultural Programs, provides alumni of diverse backgrounds with opportunities to be involved and stay connected with the Association and University while networking with and enjoying fellow UCSF alumni and friends. The program focuses on outreach to under-represented groups, including African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and bi-racial alumni through specially designed, culturally-sensitive events . In addition, the Association strives to create a comfortable environment for networking and social interaction through the many events it co-sponsors with other organizations. A volunteer Steering Committee provides excellent feedback on the best ways to serve UCSF's diverse alumni population.

In addition to providing special events, Multicultural Programs also works with minority alumni to assist the University with student recruitment. By participating in admissions programs, multicultural alumni help UCSF to recruit and maintain a diverse and strong multicultural community at UCSF.

For information, contact Alejandra Rincón at or (415) 476-7700 .

To join the Diversity Listserv follow the instructions below:
Send an email with no subject to
The one line of the message should read: Subscribe UCSFDiversity first name last name.

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