UCSF’s regional chapter program has been designed to strengthen the relationship of regional alumni and friends with the life of the University. The regional chapter network provides opportunities for alumni and friends to participate in social, recreational and educational programs that encourage professional and social networking. Regional alumni and friends represent UCSF to the community at large and advance the mission of advancing health worldwide by supporting admissions efforts, career services and fund raising.

We hope that you will consider starting or joining a regional chapter in your area!

UCSF Alumni Chapter Leaders:    

Arizona: Todd Rabkin Golden, '12 MS
Boston:  Hamdan Almas, '07 PharmD  
  Baruch Harris, '03 PhD 
  Albert Hsia, PhD 
Los Angeles:  Cooky Quandt, '72 PharmD 
Portland:  Virginia Tilden, '71 MS, '81 PhD 
New York:  Ali Attaie, '03 DDS 
San Francisco: 
Peter Koshland, '00 PharmD 
Seattle:  Janice Chen, DDS 
  Grace Huynh, '07 PhD 
  Roberta Wong, '83 PharmD 
Washington, DC:  Robert Lowery, '76 MD 
  Dorothy Jones-Davis, '11 PhD 

UCSF Alumni International Chapters:     

UCSF has established new International Chapters.  To join or learn more about these groups, please visit:

Beijing:               Baoxue Yang, '09 (Chair)

Baidong Hou, '11

Feng An, '06
Shanghai: Steve Yang, '97
Europe: Maribel Reyes, '10 PhD
  Marcelo Gutierrez, '94 PhD

 Guidelines for UCSF Regional Chapters

1. Request Alumni Count:
UCSF Alumni Relations keeps a count of alumni by region and can provide you with the number of alumni in your area. This will help determine the scope of programs for your area.

2. Recruit Volunteers:
All we need to begin a chapter is one volunteer. You can recruit additional alumni volunteers to serve as co-chapter leaders. There is no limit to the number of volunteers who can serve in a chapter.

3. Host Chapter Meetings
Each chapter should meet periodically to plan events and outreach. Meeting can be done in person or via teleconference.

4. Plan Regional Events:
Plan and sponsor a series of events designed to bring alumni together, recruit more volunteers, and bring UCSF to your region. There are two classes of events:
1. Reactive: Events UCSF plans based on travel schedules of campus leaders, professional conferences, etc.
2. Proactive: Events the Chapter plans independently.

5. Report Club Activity:

Draft a summary about how the event went, share attendance lists, updated list of volunteer information, and contact/employment information with Alumni Relations.

6. Communications to volunteers:
As Chapter Leader, you will act as liaison between the Alumni Relations contact and your region. Any program ideas that your club has should be discussed with Alumni Relations.

7. Communications to alumni:
For the purpose of advertising events, Alumni Relations will send out all communications to alumni. This helps avoid confusion, and allows for one clear message to alumni. Any new alumni information obtained during an event should be sent to for updating in the UCSF database.