The Medical Alumni Association offers you an easy way to reconnect with friends and classmates, make contact with colleagues around the country, and meet today's students and faculty. Our mission is to support fellowship among the alumni of the School of Medicine at UCSF. As part of that commitment, an online community where you have access to the Alumni Directory has been created for you and your fellow alumni.


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Library Resources for Alums

Free resources, both databases and full-text, are increasingly available to the general public. The UCSF Library has developed a website to facilitate access to these resources for our alumni. Read more

School of Medicine Alumni Officers

UCSF Medical Alumni Association officers represent alumni, organize events and provide general direction for the Association. Board meets four times a year (September, December, March, June).

To learn more about serving as an Alumni Association officer, please contact Medical Alumni Association at 415/476-6345 or
May: New member inquiries accepted.
June: New members approved to join by board vote.
July: New member materials distributed. 
September: First meeting including all new members. 

UCSF Medicine Alumni Association
Board of Directors 2016-2017
Yao Heng, MD 87, Resident Alumnus President
Kenneth M. Bermudez, MD 92, Resident Alumnus Immediate Past President
Ronald P. Karlsberg, MD ’73 Southern Cal, Vice President
Megan Burns, MD 90, Resident Alumnus Member at large
Caley Castelein, MD 98 Member at Large
Neal H. Cohen, MD ’71, Resident Alumnus Member at Large (Past President)
John Fletcher, MD 57 Member at Large (Past President)
Gordon L. Fung, MD 79 Member at Large (Past President)
Donna Hoghooghi, MD 98, Resident Alumnus Member at Large (Past President)
Julie Jacobs, MD 78 Member at Large
Dawn McGuire, MD, Resident Alumnus Member at Large
Judy Ou, MD ’02 Member at Large
Carolyn Petersen, MD, Clinical Fellow Alumnus Member at Large
David N. Schindler, MD 66, Resident Alumnus Member at Large (Past President)
Alex Smith, MS, MD 02 Member at Large
Leon Smith-Harrison, MD 79, Resident Alumnus Member at Large
Barbara Tittle, MD ’75, Resident Alumnus Member at Large
Bernhard Votteri, MD 64 Member at Large
Jordyn Silverstein Student Member
Albert Young Student Member