Thank for your investment in UCSF alumni programs! Membership in the Alumni Association of UCSF is an important way for you to express your loyalty to UCSF. Dues provide funding for various programs and services for alumni, mentoring, and student education and activities. In recognition of the importance to UCSF of strong alumni relations, alumni benefits are now available to all alumni, without regard to whether they have paid their membership dues.

To pay your alumni dues, please visit the online form for your school:

Membership Dues FAQ

Q: You have asked that dues payments be made to the UCSF Foundation. Why?

A: This is largely for administrative convenience, so that the UCSF Foundation’s website can be used to receive payments. The amounts received will be maintained and used separately for alumni and student activities relating to each School or the Graduate Division.

Q: Are my membership dues the same as making a gift to the UCSF Annual Fund?
A: No, gifts to the annual fund support scholarships, academic program, student and faculty research, and technology upgrades. Membership dues support alumni programs such as Alumni Weekend, mentoring programs, and educational activities.

Q: Are my dues deductible for federal and state tax purposes?

A: The payments will be used by UCSF to carry on various student and alumni-related services and programs for the ultimate benefit of UCSF. As noted above, there is no longer any “quid pro quo” or exchange of dues for benefits. Each alumnus will be entitled to participate in alumni programs and receive alumni services whether or not dues have been paid. Accordingly, these payments may be tax deductible. We cannot give tax advice to our alumni and we suggest that you consult your own tax advisor on this issue.

Q: Will I receive a receipt for my membership dues?
A: Yes, you will receive a gift receipt stating that no goods or services were received in connection with your payment.

Q: Will UCSF membership dues now be called gifts or donations?

A: At this point, we are still using the term dues.

Q: Do my membership dues qualify for matching gifts?

A: It depends on matching gifts policies of your employer. Some employers exclude alumni memberships from their matching gift programs, so members should check their company’s matching gift policies.