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New Anatomy Learning Center Opens

The days of carrying hefty, 1,500-page Gray's Anatomy textbooks may be long gone, but not much more has changed over the decades in how medical students learn anatomy - until now. Students at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have just begun studies in a new, state-of-the-art anatomy learning center equipped with interactive iPad textbooks, giant video displays and roving cameras that will allow them to observe, discover, and come to understand, in a new way, the complex architecture of the human body.

Click here for a virtual tour of this exciting new facility

Membership Opportunities on the Alumni Association Board of Directors
The Medicine Alumni Association is a vital organization that works in close collaboration with UCSF on programs that support the mission of the School of Medicine and engage its alumni worldwide. Volunteer your leadership by serving as an officer of the MAA's Board of Directors. Board members develop events, mentor students and help recognize the accomplishments of the medicine community. To nominate yourself for a 2 year term, contact Michael, Director of Alumni Relations, at or 415-502-8321 The slate of nominees will be published online here and will be voted on at the MAA's annual meeting from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Friday  April 19th, at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

Library Resources for Alums

Free resources, both databases and full-text, are increasingly available to the general public. The UCSF Library has developed a website to facilitate access to these resources for our alumni. Read more

School of Medicine Alumni Officers

UCSF Medical Alumni Association officers represent alumni, organize events and provide general direction for the Association. Officers are elected annually and serve a term of one year before they are up for re-election.

To learn more about serving as an Alumni Association officer, please contact Medical Alumni Association at 415/502-8321 or


Kenneth Bermudez, MD '92


Caley Castelein, MD '98



Vice President, Northern California


Vice President, Central California

H. John Blossom, MD '70

Vice President, Southern California

Ronald P. Karlsberg, MD '73

Editor, MAA Magazine

Gordon L. Fung, MD '79, MPH, PhD

Editor Emeritus, MAA Magazine

Kenneth H. Fye, MD '68

Councilors at Large

Neal H. Cohen, MD '71
Glenn Strome, MD '91
Yao Heng, MD '87
Judith Luce, MD '74
Lorne Elthrington, MD '67
Mary Norman, MD '97
Timothy J. Crowley, MD '80
John Fletcher, MD '57
Harlan B. Watkins, Jr., MD '63
Julie Jacobs, MD '78
Dawn McGuire, MD FAAN Resident Alumna
Judy Ou, MD '02

    Past Presidents

    Donna Hoghooghi MD '98
    Lawrence Hill, MD '67
    Lawrence Lustig, MD '91
    Gordon L. Fung, MD '79, MPH, PhD
    David N. Schindler, MD '66
    Judith A. Luce, MD '74
    John C. Fletcher, MD '57

      ACF President 2013

      Andrea C. Sello, MD

      Housestaff Representative


      Student Representative



      Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH
        Sam Hawgood, MBBS
        Dean, UCSF School of Medicine